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America’s gun violence problem can feel overwhelming, but students from Parkland and the community they’ve built prove that action equals results.
Inspired to help? There are many great organizations working to end gun violence. A few are featured below, with ways you can take action TODAY.
  1. VOTE! ALWAYS! Your vote counts in every election whether it’s municipal, state or federal. 

  2. Contact your elected officials (local, state and federal), attend town halls, engage with policy makers on social media. Let them know that you support stronger gun laws.

  3. Gun Safety Alliance (GSA) suggests submitting Op-Eds and Letters-to-the-Editor to publications in your state read by policymakers calling for action on gun safety. Not only is this a tried and true method of putting pressure on lawmakers in their home districts, but it also can serve as the catalyst for generating further support from business leaders in your state.

  4. You can also promote a culture of gun safety within your organization and your industry. Businesses outside of the firearm supply chain have taken steps to foster gun safety. Several banks and financial management companies, including Citi BankBank of AmericaAmalgamated BankBlackRockPayPal and, have changed their policies, and several of which have stopped lending to gun manufacturers.

    Retailers are also taking action. Stores and restaurants such as ALDICVSKrogerMeijerPublixWalgreensWalmartWegmans, Target, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Panera have promoted gun safety within their organizations by, for example, prohibiting open carry in stores.

  5. Join BRADY's work to demand Congress ban assault weapons. You can also text Brady to 877-877 to join their movement to end gun violence with a comprehensive approach. You can also encourage the young people in your life to join Team ENOUGH, the youth-led initiative from BRADY.

  6. Learn more about Change The Ref and support their work to reduce the NRA's influence in politics. They offer great ways for young people to get involved, too.

  7. Do you know people who should see PARKLAND RISING? Invite them to watch during our June 5 #WearOrange event.



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